I have always been active, even as a child, and from the age of 6 I trained and participated in competitive gymnastics. This helped me develop a strong, balanced and flexible foundation. In addition to gymnastics, I was also playing soccer and, when I was 16, I moved from Sydney to the United Kingdom to pursue a professional soccer career. Playing soccer helped me develop power, speed, agility and the fundamental skills needed for this fast-paced game. While the disciplines are ostensibly worlds apart, they both required the same incredible mental focus and physical endurance.

Upon relocating back to Australia, I joined the military forces. For five of the eight years I spent serving in the military, I earned a position within the Special Operations Command. This helped me to gain extensive knowledge of special operations in counter terrorism and counter insurgency across Australia and the Middle East. After three tours to Afghanistan and one tour to East Timor, I turned the mastery I acquired during my military career toward training programs within the health and fitness environment. Using the skills I gained during my years of gymnastics and soccer, together with the principles of bodybuilding and functional training, I have been able to develop strategies to build the ultimate physique.

I work zealously not only to shape the bodies of my clientele but also their minds. Attention to dietary programs and intensive training regimes guarantee physical prowess. Equally crucial is the mental empowerment and it is pivotal that you gain clarity of mind, a razor sharp mental focus and, most importantly, a true coherence between your inner and outer achievements.

Across my expansive career – as a commando, bodybuilder, entrepreneur and motivational specialist – my strategy combines training, nutrition, diligence and perseverance. Ultimately, the message I wish to impart is: Your personal best is the very least you should expect.

I want for you to be able to achieve YOUR ultimate physique and that is why I created my programs. I wanted to show you how I train and how I eat to build a leaner, more muscular you!

Don’t expect it to be easy and don’t expect to start slow. Expect to train with focus, ferocity and purpose. Follow what I say and you’ll have no choice but to succeed. It’s time to kill your excuses and become a warrior athlete!