Mental Toughness

As you might already know, I spent many years as an operative in the military services. For years I have trained in different sports and disciplines; however, the military was undoubtedly my most challenging and ultimately, rewarding experience. While I’ve touched on my work as a mindset specialist, it seems important to really focus on how the military mindset has translated into my goal of creating the most aesthetic physique.

This is also why I've included some of my very best mindset principles in my new program Evennett Warrior Athlete. You cannot build a strong body with a weak mind!!! 

One thing that the military accomplishes very effectively is mental conditioning. Our minds are molded in such a way that we fully understand the significance of commitment, of discipline and of mental toughness.

We are taught to:

  • Be more decisive.
  • Be more aggressive.
  • Be more assertive.
  • Know what you want and go for it.  

 The military drives you so far out of your comfort zone, that you must quickly adapt and change and move away from the confinements you have grown accustomed to. An operation loses ALL effectiveness if a serviceman doesn’t COMMIT fully to their role.

This is an interesting point when we consider exercise and training within my industry. To really succeed in this field, there is no room for giving into pain. There is no room for fear of discomfort. When working towards the ultimate aesthetic physique, like the military, we must learn to adopt immersive strategies, where we entrench ourselves fully in new ways of thinking, behaving and acting.

Take the concept of repetition. Let’s be honest – it works. It is a proven principle. It is how humans have learned and mastered any number of tasks for centuries, and is equally valid when applied to the act of exercise: rigorous acts of repetition enhance even the most basic training schedules.

The bench press is a great example. It’s a commonly known and used exercise (even by the laymen at the gym). However, mastering the technique of this exercise and feeling the effectiveness of a proper bench-press requires both the body and the MIND:

  • Assume mentally tough mode.  You will feel discomfort. You will work outside your boundaries. You will need to commit to following through.
  • Immerse yourself… in new ways of thinking, of behaving, of acting.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Do NOT stop until the correct technique becomes second nature.

The bench-press isn’t just about how much weight you’re pushing. It is about mastering yourself and pushing your boundaries. Your own mental toughness is a product of immersive strategies and of commitment. Now go out there and apply that strategy to EVERY thing you do, in and out of the gym.