Planning Makes Perfect

I, for one, am a huge advocate for looking and feeling the peak version of myself year round. Not just at competition time. While training is a significant part of this, so are all of my other lifestyle choices. In this post, I will look closely at how I plan certain aspects of my lifestyle so as to ensure they always correspond with my goals to create the aesthetic physique. 

The way we think about food is a major issue and it can become one of our biggest pitfalls. However, with a strategy in place, it doesn’t need to be a hindrance to your everyday lifestyle – it is something to be enjoyed and to accompany a balanced, albeit strict, training regime.

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Below are just a few simple ways how I go about my nutrition. 

Eat As If You Are Performing Every day

Keeping your body in peak physical condition means you need to eat in a way that aids this. You will notice a huge difference when eating a balanced, protein-strong diet compared to one that includes a high intake of carbs, sugars and processed ingredients.

The latter food options put the body into a state of lethargy – a place you don’t want to be pre-workout. That one-hour training session you squeezed in, in-between meetings is a waste of time if you aren’t going to COMMIT to a diet that accompanies it.

Eat foods that strengthen and focus your mind and body. Make every training session count for something. I guarantee you, by eating as if you are performing every day will squash any bad habits before they can really kick in.   


All good training programs should be accompanied by an equally strong dietary plan. Once you have fully resolved your goals with creating the aesthetic physique, devise a nutritionally sound eating plan that takes these goals into account.

Look closely at how you can fit this plan into your every day: consider your living, working and training circumstances and work in with each of these factors. Go old school and draw up a timeline with a marker on a whiteboard. Pencil in your meal times and what each will consist of.

Take a photo with your phone and make sure this schedule is available to you at all times – you may need to refer back to it to make sure you are staying on track.

For those busy days, where sitting down for a proper meal becomes difficult, ensure you have sustaining, healthy snacks or a meal replacement at the ready. ALWAYS have a backup plan. 

Keep A Record And Checklist

At the end of each day, write down what you have eaten, including all snacks. How is everything looking according to the plan? Is there room for improvement? 

Your daily record is a sense check to make sure you are accomplishing the food goals you have set in place for yourself. Remember, if you are tough on yourself to start with, eating clean and eating well will become second nature - you won’t even notice the change. 

Keep Your Eye Out For Ways To Diversify Your Meal Plans

By keeping your meals interesting, you make it easier to stay on track with your dietary plan. Sure, there will be days when you just want to (or only have time to) stick to the basics – those nourishing meal options that are straightforward and easy.

However, to make sure you are excited about your meals while keeping your end goal in sight, use spices and a wide variety of vegetables in your dishes. There are plenty of options for keeping your meals interesting, without falling victim to junk and fast foods.

Eye On The Prize

Keep your aesthetic physique goal in sight at all times. Having that reminder of where you want to end up after so much hard work will help you stay focused and disciplined. Whenever you have moments of doubt, visualize what you are working toward and remind yourself of your ultimate goal. 

While this post targets the importance of a dietary plan, what I’m really trying to emphasise here is that by exercising discipline, we regain self-control and significantly impact on how we reach the ultimate in the aesthetic physique.

What must be understood is that the mind is the most powerful tool in achieving our end goal – it allows us to focus and commit, thereby pushing past self-imposed barriers with confidence.