Visualise Your Goals. Your New Target!

Visualise Your Goals. Your New Target!

Let's Talk The Power Of The Brain... Visualisation..

The brain is the strongest muscle in the body. You’ve probably heard the of the stories of Warriors in combat, soldiers being shot several times, but they were not aware of it until the battle was over. These stories are true, I've not only witnessed it with my own eyes but felt the effects myself.

After being ambushed in Afghanistan, I was peppered with machine gun fire. Avoiding most but not all of them. Bullets were sprayed into my weapon, fragments piercing my face and body. Yet continuing to fight was the only thought in my head, it was the only option available.

So let's talk about the power of the mind. The power to do such things comes from the mind and can be tapped into by practicing mental visualisations, preparing the mind. Like other muscles your brain can be trained. And you don’t need a gym to do it.