Make Progress An Obsession

Make Progress An Obsession

Obsession creates rapid progress.

We all speak of finding a balance in our many life endeavours. But in my experience, a balanced approach brings more slow and steady results, and in today’s world slow and steady just doesn’t cut it.

In fact, throughout my whole life, I have had a tendency to approach things with pure obsession and passion, but also putting in methods so not to burn out too soon.

To me, this is my balance.

Instead of going through life at a constant steady climb like jogging up a hill, I prefer to switch between a flat out sprinting and a steady walk. 

Setting Yourself Up For Success - Goal Setting

Setting Yourself Up For Success - Goal Setting

"Failing to set a goal or achievable target is planning to fail in itself."

A little while ago at the Compound, we had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Sparks from Sparks Elite performance coaching. Andrew is no stranger to coaching high profile clients and elite level athletes. The 40 odd that attended had no idea that what they were about to hear would change their mindset forever, breaking down barriers to success and setting life changing goal

Here is a military angle for your goal-setting mindset!

One thing that successful people do on a regular basis is setting goals that they’d like to achieve. Commandos are no different. They set specific goals that are then broken down into smaller, micro goals. For instance, commando students would focus on one task at the time like getting through the next 90-minute training session. However, they would even break down that training session into smaller goals and would focus on getting through one exercise at the time.