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Planning Makes Perfect

Planning Makes Perfect

I, for one, am a huge advocate for looking and feeling the peak version of myself year round. Not just at competition time. While training is a significant part of this, so are all of my other lifestyle choices. In this post, I will look closely at how I plan certain aspects of my lifestyle so as to ensure they always correspond with my goals to create the aesthetic physique. 

The way we think about food is a major issue and it can become one of our biggest pitfalls. However, with a strategy in place, it doesn’t need to be a hindrance to your everyday lifestyle – it is something to be enjoyed and to accompany a balanced, albeit strict, training regime.

When you buy my Evennett Warrior Athlete program you will not only receive 12 weeks of my nutrition principles and strategies, you will also receive a 12-week training program that will help YOU achieve an aesthetic physique.

Below are just a few simple ways how I go about my nutrition.