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The EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete program was developed to specifically address the goal of developing maximum size and functional, applicable strength.

Warrior Athlete distances itself from others, in its honesty & truthfulness. There are no ‘secrets’ or ‘shortcuts’ – Just the reality that results are determinant upon hard work (see ‘sweat equity’), consistency & the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Warrior Athlete delivers in respect to the totality of its programming. Developed in accordance with Special Forces (SF) training principles and implemented with military-grade specificity, EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete offers a training platform, used & trusted throughout history, to develop the most elite-bracket of military personnel – now, for the everyday man & woman, to combat the rigours of today’s modern landscape(s).

EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete comes inclusive of:

  • A twelve (12) week training program, designed to build maximum size & functional, applicable strength.
  • A twelve (12) week nutritional guide, created to enforce correct nutritional habits for optimal muscle growth, fat-loss and requisite energy output, for training purposes.
  • EVENNETT | Supplement Guide (FREE).
  • EVENNETT | Mindset Principles (FREE).
  • An extensive exercise encyclopedia to reference over the course of your program and beyond

The EVENNETT motto is simply, “Challenge Accepted.” and the Warrior Athlete program represents exactly this. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re aiming to reach a higher echelon of physical and mental performance - Warrior Athlete facilitates this progression.

Condition yourself to excel - BeCOME a Warrior Athlete. 

AUD $97.00

The 12 week Warrior Athlete program delivers everything that it promises. I stripped fat, put on 3kgs of lean muscle and increased the weight I’m lifting by an average of 25% which is more gain in 12 weeks than I’ve made in the last 5 years! The high-intensity cardio at the end of each workout also meant that my agility and stamina also increased. The meal plan is just that. It’s not a diet so I never went hungry and enjoyed each and every meal.

Aside from the physical gains, Scotty’s mindset conditioning is something that transcended the gym into my personal life and has made a massive difference to how I approach everyday tasks. No more taking the easy road or making excuses. If things need doing at home or at work, they get done.

We all slump at times but help is always at hand, whether it’s from Scotty or the other members of the Evennett Army, there is always someone ready to share experiences and offer advice and support. I cannot recommend this program enough, accept the challenge, you will not be disappointed!
— Hamish

AUD $97.00