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  • Get UNLIMITED email support: Yes, that’s right! When you have questions, just send them through and I’ll come back to you typically within 24 hours! Believe me, this could be a life changer. Just like a mechanic who can spot a problem in your car in a minute, I can often spot your sticking point within moments of reading about of your problem. 


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  • A dose of ‘Evennett” video motivation - just for members of this program. A weak mind will result in a weak body, so it’s time to harden up. I’ll send you weekly mindset video to teach you how to get that unwavering mindset for guaranteed mission success. Think of it like me as your coach giving you a virtual shot in the arm at the start of each week!
  • My personal “Boost your firepower” workouts. Each workout has been designed to work alongside my Evennett programs. They’re what I’m doing right now in the gym, and will take your results to the next level while testing your willpower to the limit. 

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