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The EVENNETT | Hardcore program was designed to challenge conventional perceptions surrounding what it takes to have a powerful frame and strong core

Hardcore offers a stark contrast to contemporary methods, in both theory and application.

This is not a program that offers you the convenience of achieving the sculpted abdomen you desire, via the luxury of your living room, with wine glass in-hand – for 5 minutes per-day. Unlike this false ideology, Hardcore makes no secret of the dedication necessary to achieve the desired result – but, it is a bullet-proof strategy.

This is not a program that will have you doing thousands of repetitions, in hope that each rep is crafting a more chiselled midsection. Hardcore is the application of unique training methods developed from gymnastics, callisthenics & explosive compound movements – designed to activate more muscle fibre, accelerate fat loss & promote muscle gain. 

EVENNETT | Hardcore comes inclusive of:

  • An eight (8) week training-program, developed to create a powerful frame and strong core.
  • An eight (8) week nutritional guide, created to enforce correct nutritional habits for optimal muscle growth, fat-loss and requisite energy output, for training purposes.
  • An extensive exercise encyclopedia to reference over the course of your program and beyond.

whatever your goal, You can achieve it –

All you need to do is work, HARD(Core).

AUD $97.00


AUD $97.00