FAQ - Warrior Athlete.

FAQs for Evennett Custom Mentoring Package is found further down.

What is the Evennett Warrior Athlete?

Scott will provide you with his extensive knowledge of training and nutrition from his tried-and-tested military training framework, designed specifically to bring out the warrior inside you. This 12-week program will transform you – both physically and mentally – into a hardened athlete.

Is it a 12-week challenge?

The Evennett Warrior Athlete program is a 12-week program, but it is not an 'organised' challenge. However, watch this space. Exciting news will be coming soon. 

What makes this program unique?

Scott has an extensive background in professional soccer, gymnastics and then going on to become an Australian Special Forces solider. This program incorporates all of his knowledge into one program, which separates it from the crowd. You will be challenged, both physically and mentally, over the 12 weeks to reach your maximum potential. 

How many weeks is the program?

The program is 12 weeks long.

How does the program work?

You will follow a strict training and nutrition program, specifically developed from the principles Scott has used himself to achieve a hardened physique.

Can I do Evennett warrior athlete if I am under 18?

Refer to terms and conditions. 

Can I do Evennett warrior athlete if I don’t live in Australia?

Sure. As Scott is an online personal trainer, everything is done online. All you require is an internet connection. All communication is also conducted via email. This applies for both Scott and the Evennett team.

Will I get a meal plan?

Yes, the 12-week program includes a detailed nutrition plan with all calories and macronutrients calculated for you. It also includes a shopping and supplementation list.

What type of foods will I eat?

The meal plan will include all food groups. As it is carbohydrate cycling, low days will contain higher healthy fats and proteins with leafy green vegetables, whilst high days will contain higher carbohydrate foods like rice, sweet potato, high-fibre vegetables and proteins.  

What is carb cycling?

Instead of eating the same amount of calories each day, you will cycle your calories and carbohydrates so you have low, and high calorie/carb days. You will look at your calorie intake over a period of a week instead of day-to-day.

Can I drink coffee?

Yes, caffeine is fine in moderation. You are allowed 1-2 cups a day without sugar and minimise your milk intake. Try green tea as an alternative.

Will I get a training program?

Yes, you will receive a detailed 12-week training program and access to more than 130 instructional demonstration videos.

What type of training will I do?

You will train the way Scott does on a daily basis. Scott has years of professional sports and military experience, all of which will be included in this detailed program. It incorporates weighted resistance training, body weight calisthenics and high-intensity military circuits into each session. It is all about functionality with Scott’s style of training, becoming a well-rounded warrior athlete.

How often do I need to train?

Scott recommends training 4-5 days a week for maximum results. This program uses a 4-day split muscle group structure, adding a fifth day of active recovery like a swim, run or cycle. This will aid in your recovery process. It’s the intensity of the sessions that will gain the results, not the frequency.

Is a gym membership required or can I do the workouts at home?

In order to follow this workout program, a gym membership or an extensive amount of gym equipment is definitely recommended. However, Scott has provided an exercise exchange list so you can also do the program at home.

How fit do I need to be to do the warrior athlete program?

Scott has designed to program for most fitness levels, however, he would recommend that if you are a complete beginner to weights, you contact the team in regards to a more specific program.

If I have a medical condition, can I still do the program?

Refer to the medical disclaimer.

Is the plan personalised?

Scott has designed the plan around his own training style and nutrition, so you can train and eat the way he does over the next 12 weeks. It is a very versatile program, but not specifically personalised to you. If you are interested in a personalised program, please contact Scott and his team by sending a request to info@evennett.com.au.

FAQ - Custom Mentoring Package (CMP).

Army questions

Where can I purchase a good Alice frame pack for pack marching?

Platatac, ebay or L.E.Gear online

How does a day in the life of a Commando look like?

Check out this link for a detailed explanation 


Day to day life of a Commando is to continually practice and sharpen the skills/qualifications that he holds. The list of qualifications is long so training throughout the year is busy 

This is a rough day 

  • Morning PT
  • Breakfast 
  • Meeting (daily/weekly tasks)
  • Shooting Range 
  • Missions specific practice 
  • Lunch 
  • Shooting Range 
  • Missions specific practice 
  • Gym Time 
  • Eat 
  • Home 

What can I do if I'm going out field during the program?

Depending on what type of field exercise you are going on will depend on what we can do, there are plenty of body weight workouts you can utilise to continue your training whilst out field. If you require my Evennett body weight WODS let me know I can email them to you.

I don’t need to know how to swim to be a Commando do I?

Absolutely you do, Commandos are an amphibious unit you need to be a highly competent swimmer.

What food can I/should I take as jack rats when going on field ex?

I used to take my own food, created my own rat pack with the below stuff:

  • Tuna sachets (not tins) 
  • Wraps (mountain wraps last a while)
    • Make a wrap out of tuna and wrap
  • Beef jerky - large beef chunks generally home made supplier not standard shop stuff
  • Trail Mix

What can I use instead of webbing and rifle?

A Weight vest

What the difference would be between the SAS and Commandos?

I get asked this question a lot to be honest it's a difficult one to answer because I was a Commando so I could tell you exactly what they do on a day to day basis but I can not do the same for SAS

One difference is where you would want to be located Commando's Sydney or SAS Perth 

The training process leading in requires the same level of ability so focus on getting yourself mentally and physically ready for selection, to make sure you really have what it takes 

Nutrition questions

Do I have to eat everything on the meal plan?

Yes, we recommend that you eat everything on your nutrition plan as I have specifically designed it for your training so that you can get the results you are looking for. 

Can I use other supplements than the ones you have listed on your programs?

I recommend only using the supplements that we put in the programs as I know what is in them and how to utilise that for the results that you are wanting to achieve.

What can I drink whilst on the program?

Water, black coffee and tea is good. I love my black coffees just don't go over board and make sure your well hydrated with 2-3 litres water per day, the only other thing I would have is some coconut water for re-hydration.

I am struggling to eat all the food on my nutritional plan, do I have to eat it all?

In all honesty if you follow the plan the plan works so any changes made will affect your end results I often find girls and guys not eating enough to fuel there bodies for training. Less food does not mean better weight loss and muscles need a lot of fuel to grow. Try and build it up to eating all your food on the list I assure you your body will need it on this program, cause it will kick your butt.

Can I drink alcohol on with the nutrition plan?

No, alcohol does your body no favours and isn't going to support you through training to hit your goal.

Mentoring questions

How often can I contact Scotty?

As much or as little as you like via email you have access to unlimited email, for phone calls up to x4 per 12 week mentoring package, as I have a lot of guys and girls on the mentoring package, so always text me beforehand and I can set up a time to call you.

I have a family, can the nutrition be tailored so I can still make dinner for the family?

Of course! With the nutritional plan you can utilise the meals that I set for a family, the portion sizes will be different to accommodate for differences in the family.

My partner wants to do the training and nutrition with me will this be ok for him/her?

This depends on what he/she goals are, I usually recommend I write separate programs for guys and girls.

If I have some of my current supplements left can I finish off these before buying the new ones?

Yes, not a problem no point wasting what you have.

If I train in early morning how do I go about eating my pre workout, breakfast and post workout?

If you hop straight up in the morning and hit the gym I would recommend having your pre workout meal 1hr to 30mins before training, TRAIN THE HOUSE DOWN then have your post workout meal within half an hour post training, then have your breakfast an hour or so later so they are all spread out.

If I am training twice a day do I have the pre and post workout meals twice also?

No, only once for these I would recommend around your weights session you fuel up pre and post and use your other meals around your 2nd sessions for the day.

Can I eat the same day on the meal plan everyday?

Yes this is fine, unless you are on a carb cycling plan then you must eat the days in order they come.

Where do I buy the supplements?

You can find supplements in my shop here: http://www.evennett.com.au/shop

Where do I purchase to GO2 pre workout?

Online use the discount code ‘TOUGH” http://www.go2life.com.au/

I don’t like one of the foods on the meal plan?

I designed the plan off your questionnaire so if there is something in there you don’t like you may have forgotten to mention this in your initial questionnaire, no worries just get in touch via email and I can swap it out for something else for you.

Is the weight of the food before or after it has been cooked?

Weigh it after it has been cooked.

Training questions

The section containing benchmarks in the program, how do these work?

The benchmarks are just a guide of what you can aim to lift not what you may be currently lifting

If i have sport outside of the program can I incorporate that in?

Absolutely, the program can be moulded around any current sporting or fitness routines you already have

 I work shift work and odd hours will the program still work for me?

The custom mentoring package is built around you, your lifestyle and goals. This means that no matter when you want to train I can fit it into your life and it is test and adjust if changes need to be made I can do this during you time on the mentoring package.

Can I train at Commando Tough while on the Custom Mentoring Package?
My gym Commando Tough can be utilised for the 12 weeks whilst on the custom mentoring package. Classes and personal training come at an extra cost contact me if you would like anymore information on this.

Can I participate in Commando Tough Events whilst on the Custom Mentoring Package?

Yes we highly recommend this for your personal growth, discounts available for Evennett members.

What is a full body squeeze?

This a gymnastics static hold, start by lying flat on your back, bring your arms on top of your body so your fists are squeezed together, then lift your legs and shoulders off the floor pointing the toes keep the legs as straight as possible, hold this position for the time allocated keep squeezing chest, arms, butt, legs and toes pointed.


Do I have to start the program as soon as I receive it or can I start whenever I want?

Yep, there is not set start date, its all individual, as soon as you buy the program and return the questionnaire it’ll take me 5-7 days to write up your package and then you are good to go. But if you need to delay the start date or take a break in the middle due to work, holiday or sickness this is ok.

I don’t have very much experience training will I be able to do Scotty’s training?

No experience is necessary, the mentoring is designed to help you all the way through no matter where your starting from.

If the workout is to long can I split it and do half in the morning and half later in the day?

Yes this is fine, just be aware in the first week it can often take you quite a while to get set up and find you correct weights etc week two you will find they are a lot quicker so don’t jump the gun splitting them up.

What does RM mean? How do I work out my 5RM, 3RM and 1RM?

5RM mean your 5 rep max, how much weight you can lift on a particular exercise for 5 x rep without failing, bodybuilding.com has a great rep max calculator to help you work it out quickly http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/other7.htm

What is a working set?

A working set applies when you are warming up to a heavier lift, you will use these as part of a warm up for example if it was 5RM Bench press you wouldn’t go straight into a heavy 5rep max lift you would gradually build up the weight with 3-4 (or more if needed) working sets of a lighter weight, so you avoid injury and make sure your technique is on point.

I am struggling to improve the weight I am lifting, what could be causing this?

Poor technique is usually the reason for lack of strength gains, along with weak core stability, and not enough food as fuel. Try getting a coach to check out your form or email me a video and I can correct where your going wrong.

What weight should I lift?

Unfortunately because I am not training you face-to-face this is difficult for me to assess, advise would be warm-up with some varying lighter weights until you feel you have chosen the correct one for the particular workout your performing Eg: for 25 x Back Squats you might choose 40kg but for 5 x Back squats you might lift 90kg

What if the gym is busy and I can’t get o the equipment you have listed?

Obviously it’s better to stick as close to the program as possible but I understand the gym can get busy and you may not be able to get to the equipment, in this case it’s fine to substitute it out for a similar exercise targeting the same muscle group or cardio exercise.

How do I get more push ups out in a row without stopping and fatiguing?

When you push out multiple push ups in one set you should stop and rest for a few seconds before you hit the lactic threshold, this means before you feel that burning sensation, because once you hit it your burn out to quickly and struggle to improve the number of push ups you can complete, I recommend breaking them down into sets of 10 or 15 with a very slight rest in between each set and watch how you can do more each week. I also recommend doing push ups every night before bed to improve, I still do this today.