Anthony finn.

Anthony's personal history is a testament to his perseverance and the strong mindset that is required within the elite sporting environment, as well as the Australian Military.

Starting at a young age, Anthony competed in rugby, swimming, basketball & triathlons - all at state and national level(s).

At the age of 15, he would represent the Australian & Pan Pacific swimming team(s).

In 2000, Finn joined the Australian Institute of Sport & competed in a number of World Cup events, both locally and abroad.  

This exposure to training, self-discipline & mindset would lead Anthony to joining the military – spending 4 years in the airborne artillery.

Post-military, he would turn his attention to a career in construction, earning qualifications in management and successfully directing numerous companies in large scale residential & commercial projects.

The allure of the military would bring Anthony back, serving in infantry for a further three years. After being stricken by injury, he would return to the commercial world and utilise the skills learnt throughout his tenures in the military, to further advance his professional career.

Anthony’s business acumen and military awareness leads him to being an integral part of Team EVENNETT.


Adam is the co-founder of True Grit, Australia's' leading obstacle racing organisations.

Before joining the exhilarating world of obstacle racing, Adam served as an officer in the Australian Defence Force, reaching the rank of Major.

Adam served for 15 years, the last ten of which were within Australian Special Forces - touring Iraq, Afghanistan and Timor Leste, multiple times.

His last position in the military was as the Officer Commanding Special Forces Selection and Recruitment.


Daniell Zeleny

Daniell Zeleny is a former professional footballer, having played in some of South-East Asia’s biggest leagues, and amassing impressive records in the process –such as, playing in front of the largest live-attendance game in world football in 2011 (120,000+ spectators), and being named Man of the Match in the process. 

Having unfortunately succumbed to a career-ending injury, Daniell now applies the same level of discipline and dedication to other avenues of life, with lofty ambitions of successfully applying his tertiary qualifications to great effect.

Specialising in plyometric training with a specific reference to explosiveness, multi-directional agility, and speed, Daniell “found home” when becoming a foundation-member at Commando Tough gym & credits Scott Evennett in helping his own personal transformation, post-football. 


Laura Sedgwick

Laura enlisted into the Australian Regular Army in 2007. During her time, she completed her Advanced Medical Assistant Course, which included Certificate IV in nursing, as well as her Combat Fitness Leaders Course - becoming the Head Physical Trainer for the unit. She was then posted to Special Operations Logistic Support in Sydney, where she worked as the Advanced Medical Technician and again as the Head Physical Trainer for the unit. 

With Laura's extensive knowledge and strong passion for fitness and health, she discharged from the army 6 years ago, to become a full time coach and mentor. Laura specialises in CrossFit

Laura is an outstanding all round sportswomen and her extensive sporting background includes: 2 x Athletics champion, Military Obstacle Course 2nd place, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place in Sports Modelling, as well as 3rd and 6th place in Cross Fit competitions. 

A key part of Team EVENNETT, Laura's key roles are mentoring and program creation.

Grant (Bomber) Barker

Grant “Bomber” Barker is a name synonymous with champions in the fitness industry, having had an extremely extensive career as both a professional kick boxer, coach and motivational speaker.

Bombers' professional kickboxing career spanned 20 years and within that time, he won 2 World Titles - all of this while severely vision impaired.

Bomber provides incredible knowledge and value Team EVENNETT. His intense passion for human performance puts him in a league of his own. His 'never quit' attitude is what holds him true in training and throughout his life.  


Upon finishing high school, Justin's sole focus became about advancing his understanding and personal developing in weightlifting and calisthenics. 

He left Australia at twenty (20), to further his knowledge. Justin would embark on a world-wide trip, lasting twenty-four (24) months, which saw him training, learning from and associating with leading industry figures. 

Upon returning to Australia, he joined the NSW Police Force and served for a number of years, however, the time came when he was drawn back to his true love - fitness.

Justin would go on to join EVENNETT via Commando Tough, and uses his expertise to specialise in strength & conditioning, body building and client communications.


Scott Alm joined the Canadian 3 PPCLI Airborne in 2006. In 2008, he was deployed as a lead patrolman in Kandahar, Afghanistan for 8 months.

Upon returning from the Tour, he focused on physical fitness and achieving a higher degree of military training.

He would then move into the Close Protection Unit, where he served another 8 months in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a bodyguard and team 2IC for the Protection Service Detail.

Post-Army, Scott worked as member of an Emergency Response Team at a maximum Security Prison, for 4 years. Scott is extremely passionate for fitness and Yoga and played in high levels of Ice Hockey in Canada, something that he continues today.