I’ve been so lucky to be able to impact and help so many lives to date. Helping people go from where they are today to where they want to be is the most rewarding thing in life. It’s truly amazing what people can achieve when they have the right tools and they commit to it. My programs outline everything I know and have learnt during my years of military training and personal development. They contain everything you need to truly transform your body and life. Below is just a small sample of people who have put my program to the test and, as a result, have achieved their goals – both physically, but more importantly, mentally – and they now have the confidence to take on any challenge and smash it.


"By far the most effective and challenging and rewarding program I have done. I am 26 and have trained since I was 16 years old. Trying everything from bodybuilding to crossfit. You name it I have tried it. I reached a point in my life where gym was just a day-to-day thing of going through the motions and having no clear direction. Shift work was killing me and it seemed like goals I had set for myself were far in the past. I contacted Scotty and straight away his enthusiasm and passion for fitness stood out. This is not a fad program. There is no quick fix or 2-minute abs. ...even a week after beginning I could feel the difference. My energy levels are through the roof. I destroy my workouts. My outlook on training, nutrition and life in general is much more positive thanks to the mentoring and support from Scotty. I highly recommend it and I sure as hell will be back for more!!!" - Matt P.

"Before I started with Scotty...my training was lacklustre at best. I was trying to use hypertrophy protocols in the hope of preparing better for military life. After seeking Scotty out and starting the program, it was an eye opener. The first two weeks was hard but I stuck it out. Now 8 weeks in my fitness, stamina and muscular endurance has sky rocketed and I am able to train at a much higher intensity. If you're looking to push yourself mentally physically and hit new goals, then I cannot recommend Scotty high enough." - Lachlan W.

“My time with Scott changed my life for the better. Before meeting Scott, I struggled both physically and emotionally, finding it difficult to put on size, be fit and become confident in who I am as a person. Scott taught me not only fitness techniques, but a lifestyle that encompasses wellbeing and fitness, and has helped me make improvements in myself I never believed I would. The training is hard, but failing is harder.” - Jonathon